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Management302 (M302), is a Consulting Resource Group comprised of dedicated professionals prepared to provide Corporate Leadership and Management Development, Individual and Group Training, as well as Assessments regarding performance deficiencies and where it is that the bottom line can be improved.

Although M302 loves to focus on an organization's Human talent and or lack there of: our goal is to provide strategic solutions towards improving organizational cultures and environments, thus improving the bottom line.

M302 can provide the insight as well as the training and development to help you achieve your high-performance organizational goals. We at M302 realize that each team has different goals and objectives. However, the bottom line is the bottom line. The question is: in what manner do you want to get there, and in what state of health do you want your company to be in, as those goals are reached.

In order for your goals to be reached, one must understand what it means to be a Supervisor, Manager, and or a Leader. We help companies understand these various concepts that are required for high performance, effectiveness, and efficiency.

As small and large organizations become more global, connected, and generationally diverse, the skills needed to lead those teams have also developed.  Some organizations are very aware of their leadership changes – yet few understand “what new leadership really means” and how new leaders directly implicate what goes on right under their noses.

Our consulting firm will help your organization succeed in all demanding environments by leveraging our successful training, strategies, and processes, to match your organizations capabilities to producing forward focused strategies that will develop your organization and technology efforts to deliver measurable business results.

These concepts incorporate the ideas that high performance is often solely accredited to the Human Talent that is responsible for THAT performance. With the understanding that nothing happens without sales, high performance always comes back to the individuals and teams that work for the company, and how they perform throughout the entire process.

This stands true for any organization, from its Board, its CEO, President or owner, down to the Security Guards and Maintenance Crew. Let us help!

Management is about
"Working with the right People!

Leaderships is about
"Keeping the Right People








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