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The staff at M302 have extensive experience in a wide variety of for-profit / career /proprietary school operational areas – from regulatory compliance to licensure and accreditation. We have the ability to provide the experience and sound consulting advice in all aspects of school operations: lead generation, admissions performance, academic outcomes, management, completion and placement improvement strategies and more.

We support the efforts of company leaders in engaging in-state regulatory and accreditation processes by providing research, resources, and tools to help improve and sustain student and overall school performance. We do this by using data to make in-depth decisions in all areas and departments.

M302 education experts are above none in their total adherence to quality and compliance which is of utmost importance when preparing for reviews and accreditation visits.

Our solutions are a blend of research, attention to detail, and a product of addressing the needs and wants of the organization, the staff, and the leaders that lead them.

We will design a solution to meet your needs and tailor an effective product to meet your organizational or individual requirements.

Prices and timelines are a function of those needs and the requirements necessary to fulfill those functions.

Contact us with your needs and our services will be tailored to meet them. Whether the goal is improving compliance or the corporate environment, improving default rates, or increasing profitability, we can help.


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