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Management 302

Non-Profit Consulting Services

Management 302 offers private and group consulting services as well as technical assistance in the form of grant writing, training, leadership development, board development, and evaluative services to social service groups, non-governmental organizations, nonprofit entities, government agencies as well as private corporations.  Our expertise is non-profit management – the creation of, the staffing of, the development of – and the fund-raising strategies related to - the organization’s future self sufficiency.

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Our staff is comprised of individuals dedicated to your success in a variety of ways, including aspects related to business, academics, finance, administration, Board relationships, staff management, and the perplexing relationships interlaced within an organization that enables it to be high performing.

M302 provides organizational leaders and their staff with the resources required to succeed in the never-ending but forever-changing philanthropically environment.  And given today’s economy, we assist in the organization endeavor toward reaching their goals, visions, missions, and their attempts to serve their clients in the most effective and efficient way.

Presenting the Haitian Prime Minister

Management 302 provides capacity-building and problem-solving assistance to nonprofit organizations.  We will help you develop creative solutions to organizational challenges, thus providing a platform for increased proficiency and effectiveness.  Our expert resource teams will gather information and provide solutions that focus on your clients and the success of your organization.

Put our expertise to work for you in:

  • Organizational Assessment & Development
  • Board, Staff, & Leadership Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Planning and Evaluation
  • Executive Coaching and Mentoring
  • Business Operations, Systems and Planning
  • Financial Management – Budgeting and Forensics
  • Grant Writing and Fund Development
  • Human Resources Issues and Systems
  • Marketing and Public Relations Strategy
  • Resource Development and Strategy Planning

Contact us at
for availability and pricing structures based on the
needs of the organization and services required.

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