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As a Consulting Service, M302 provides Corporate Leadership, Management Development, Individual and Group Training, and Assessments towards improving performance and the bottom line.  This is achieved using a process developed through many years of experience, training, instinct, trial and error.

Gamael (Mr. G”) Nassar, CEO and Founder of Management 302, created "The G-Way," after many years of working with various different companies and organizations.

“Working with leaders, managers, and supervisors from so many different industries has provided the insight to deal productively with almost every situation a leader may encounter.”

Born and raised in Florida, a melting pot of diverse cultures, interpretations, and perceptions, one learns very quickly how to maneuver both socially and politically within a business, education, or corporate structure.

A professor of Business Administration and Professional Development; a Coach, Trainer and Relationship Builder, Mr. G has gained the respect of many organizations for his ability to provide results and fix situations while still empowering staff, and treating others with respect, dignity and care, irrespective of there position in life.

"The G-Way is heavily involved in the EQ of internal communication styles and how that communication helps develop an organizations culture and success."

There continues to be an increasing relevance of emotional intelligence and how it relates to internal attitudes, behaviors, and management styles.  For many companies, it’s an important part of the human resource/internal relations process, the management process, and its customer services process.  If it is not, we believe that it should be. 









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