M302 Introduction

Management 302
What We Are

Management 302 is about today’s real and practical methods of going about supervising, managing and leading a team; be it one person or a thousand.  The regular (other) philosophical theories and methods are great to read, learn, and adopt; but we have found that for a greater part, they do not tell you what to do when you are confronted with a real life situation with your team or your subordinates.  How does one deal with the various situations that arise which may include nepotism, laziness, lying, and lack of motivation to name a few?  Similarly, how does one deal with the highly motivated individuals among your team?  How do you manage those that are clearly above the job within your team, or the high achievers, as well as those that are much smarter than you: their supervisor?

Where do we learn these methods, tools, tricks, skills, abilities?  How many books would you have to read just to learn a few, and even then, what practical methods would you be able to derive from all the philosophy and theory written in a book or online?  Well, we at Management 302 will not pretend to have all the answers, but we will at least analyze the more practical and everyday tactics required to function in a political environment that is your job or career: where making decent money means supervising, managing, or leading your team to success.

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