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Protect all my Home and Portable Electronics
Protect all the electronics in your home for $1 per day

For life

We will Repair – Replace – Refund
 all Your Mobile Phones, Computers Lap-Tops, Pads,
Televisions, Microwaves, Vacuums, and more

Visit the website at
Call 561-440-4188

How is this possible and how does it differ than the
extended warranties offered by most retailers?

A retailer plan is expensive and covers only ONE new product with a limited term. Retailers typically sell you a new plan for each consumer electronics product you purchase. Retailer plans often exceed 20% of the purchase price of each product.

The Matrix plan is inexpensive and covers ALL of your products under ONE plan for a small fixed monthly fee, regardless of the number of registered products. Traditional warranties are overly inflated and we’ve simply cut out the fat.


Management 302 Consulting

M302 Consulting is comprised of dedicated professionals prepared to provide  Leadership &  Management Development, Training, and or Assessments regarding performance deficiencies and where it is that the bottom line can be improved. Although we love to focus on Human talent and or lack there of: our goal is to provide you with strategic solutions towards improving your organizational culture, and its environment, thus improving your bottom line.

Management 302 Consulting

Qualified Instructors.Com
A resource for Academic Deans, Education Directors, and other School Administrators looking for Teachers, Professors and Instructors
A link between Qualified Instructors and the schools that hire them
A resource for those interested in teaching in proprietary,
community schools, colleges and universities
Qualified Instructors.Com