“The G-Way”

Throughout the M302 experience, we will discuss various scenarios which should provide examples or insight into the various situations that actually happen on the job; and of course how to deal with them.  Although never the only way, as there are many, “The G-Way” is specific to the methodology that all men and women are equal, and we all want to be dealt with in a very certain way.  That is with respect, and dignity, and with care no matter the situation and irrespective of position in life.

Most management or leadership books do not provide instructions on how to deal with the common to uncommon issues and scenarios that involve the human nature?  How often are we faced with a situation where the best response is to tell the individual, “Get the hell out of here! – You’re Fired!”  We have wanted to do that ourselves many times, but there are often so many circumstances that have to be taken into account before termination.  We are not implying that swift termination is never the answer.  Merely that thought must be taken into account and the power that is given to a leader should not be used in vain.  Never give your power or leverage away.  If you are to fire someone, do it at the right time, and the right place so that it works for you as well as your remaining staff, and the company at large.

Furthermore, we have all heard and or learned some simple theories involving the increasing relevance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and how it relates to our attitudes, behaviors and management styles.  It has become for many companies an important part of the human resource, internal relations, the management processes, as well as a company’s Customer Services and Respect process.  If it isn’t, we believe that it should be.

The G-Way is heavily involved in the EQ of internal communication styles, and how it helps us recreate an organization’s culture, its development, and finally its success.
We will delve into The G-Way using scenarios and examples and discuss the many methods one can use to increase performance, loyalty, and success in a team and company.

Management 302